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ZOUT cover artwork

Andreas Kovar versus Kaleidoscope King

Music from Andreas Kovar, digital art of the Kaleidoscope King


About Andreas Kovar:

Bio: I was born on 20.11.1964 in Vienna, Austria To the forming Arts I came vocationally only before a few years. Before that I only worked with music of all kinds, also Eastern, which was also used in ORF, 3SAT, “Hessischer Rundfunk” and Premiere World. And naturally I’ve also worked for a variety of ensembles and productions. For the future I also think of a fusion between those two arts: Music for Picture, Picture for Music. It would also be exciting, to study the different effects of music, in the meaning of an influence on the viewer during watching a picture. I am really pleased, that my graphical designs please and that I have the possibility to sell to the US, Great Britain, Finland, Germany and naturally Austria.


Look here: Art from Andreas & Andreas at Youtube