Marlon Paul Bruin (1962) a.k.a. the Kaleidoscope King

Dutch digital artist & graphic designer

living on the dutch island Texel


Why Kaleidoscope King?

Because of my own kaleidoscopic style of work, somebody called me the Kaleidoscope King

That's how my name was born :-)


I've started my digital artwork with many daily photoshop contests online. Because of my fascination for mirrored images

(identical on both sides) I created my own style. Using photoshop with different filters in many layers. 

A lot of my images are based on photo's of buildings & cityscapes. As I'm fascinated by architecture.


I'm also a graphic designer and owner of BRUIN DESIGN

Here on my personal website you can find my digital artwork,

early paintings and Texel photo's from my Texel photo blog & other things i like.


Lumen Prize Exhibition 2014

Hong Kong Future 

Marlon Paul Bruin, Den Burg, Netherlands 


Hong Kong’s urban nightscape is transformed into a science fictional universe. Mirrored images (identical on both sides) are a recurrent motif in the artist’s work. He is fascinated by urban architecture and the built environment which often forms the core of his work. With digital image making tools he creates works which layer together colours, texture and lines in an unmistakable way that once seen, are hard to shake off. 

He makes fine art works that unsettle us like chimeras, influencing how we might see the actual city, surrealistically and cinematically, yet very much of this coming century. 

Source: The 2014 Lumen Prize Exhibition Catalogue